About Fluid Centre


The establishment of Higher Education Centres of Excellence (HICoE) forms a part of Thrust 3 in the National Higher Education Strategic Plan, which is the Strengthening of Research and Innovation, with the objective of establishing twenty (20) world-class HICoE by the year 2020.

UMP as a technical university that conducts research and innovation in advanced materials needs a University Centre of Excellence in the Research and Innovation Thrust in Fluid Flow so that research and innovation in this area can be focused on the objective of increasing the level and quality of services and consultancy for society and industry.


The centre was formerly known as the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARiFF), established in December 2011 to perform leading research in advanced fluid flow focusing on pipeline and drag reduction, multiphase mixing, oil and gas, computational fluid dynamics and reactive flow.

Large numbers of national and international recognition and awards were achieved by the UMP research group creating the centre in the fluid flow field such as the gold medals and best invention awards from Malaysia 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, GENEVA 2009, Korea 2009, Korea 2010, Germany 2010 and USA 2011. More than 20 patents were registered in the Malaysian patent office for research work related to the fluid flow enhancement in pipelines since four years prior to the establishment of the centre.

By 2020, the centre was rebranded as the Centre for Research in Advanced Fluid and Processes, or abbreviated as the Fluid Centre, in line with the expansion of its field of research.


A Word from the DIRECTOR

Welcome to UMP Fluid Centre!

The Centre for Research in Advanced Fluid and Processes, or abbreviated as the Fluid Centre in Universiti Malaysia Pahang was established in December 2011 after a successful scientific journey by many research groups in University Malaysia Pahang. A tradition of excellence in research was created at the beginning by many researchers through applying modern theoretical and experimental fluid dynamic technologies, and that led to number of impressive achievements in the fields of Drag Reduction, Multiphase Flow Systems, Oil and Gas Technologies and Reactive Fluid Dynamics.

The centre highly welcome all scientific contributions within its scopes which are:

  1. Drag Reduction and Multiphase Flow Systems
  2. Fluid Mixing and CFD Methods
  3. Oil and Gas Flow Technologies
  4. Aerodynamics and Wind Technologies
  5. Reactive Fluid Flow
Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Mohd Fairusham bin Ghazali
Centre for Research in Advanced Fluid and Processes

Our Vision

Committed to being a world-class research center in fluid dynamics and advanced process control.

Our Mission

We are committed to developing the latest research works based on the creative applications of fluid dynamics and advanced process principles to contribute to the development of industry and society; seek to develop and disseminate knowledge in both fields through experimental, simulation, and analytical approaches in problem solving; and determined to be a regional one stop centre in fluid and process engineering.

Our Objectives

  1. To spearhead cutting edge advanced fundamental research initiative with high novelty value.
  2. To be a leading service provider in technical analysis & consultation for community and industries based on the centre’s niche and areas of expertise.
  3. To develop human resource by providing conducive facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to conduct advanced training and research in the centre's fields of research.
  4. To foster and establish strategic collaboration with research centres, academic institutions and prestigious industries in the centre’s field of research.
  5. To be recognized as a prestigious research institution with excellent management and work culture.